"I eat, sleep and breathe art. It’s what I do. It’s why I’m here” 

“Some of my best friends are paint brushes.”

I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone, Hawaii and the South. Later I lived in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys. I did lots of boat deliveries, charters and island hopping in the Caribbean and I have seen some beautiful places that have inspired me and that keep me very close to an ocean. I am a diver, sailor and angler. I consider anything north of Interstate-10 to be the “Great White North”. I am a Florida Girl since birth and always seem to return to the Panhandle. It is home & it is where I live again. I am happy here.

I have been scribbling on stuff since I could hold a crayon. I have a degree in Graphic Design Technology which gave me a great foundation in my art. (Thank you,Professor John Francis!) I have worked for Florida newspapers and magazines and freelanced. I have done photography, illustration and digital design professionally but I am happiest now…

Back to paintbrushes, palette knives and thick rich paint!

Back to simple, organic basics.

Marsha Burroughs